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    Recently I edited together 2 captured MPEG2 files using Vegas 4.0. When I try and create output files using MovieFactory 2, I get the following error right at about the time the files would have been edited together (90% or so through processing):

    Failed to convert video file
    Error: 80041c21

    Does anyone know why I'd get that where the files were edited together?

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  2. Are you trying to create an Image file with MF2? Becuase Vegas 4.0 should have already created a single video file for you. Are both of the edited together mpeg2 files of the same bitrate and resolution? Does it play properly in the MF2 preview?
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    Well actually, to start with, I was trying to burn it to DVD. But I got that error message, so I tried creating an image file. Same error.

    The movie plays flawlessly in MF2's preview window -- even up to and past the edited point.

    I think the video was captured in variable bit rate -- does that matter?

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    Anyone got any ideas here?
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  5. I would suggest that you create a very short video using the built-in encoder - and then try to burn it to DVD.

    If that works, then it's likely the Ulead DVD MovieFactory 2 program installation was successful.

    It would also suggest something about the encoding parameters in the Sonic software is in need of adjustment.

    Jerry Jones
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