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Poll: DVDRhelp's regular video competition, Interested ?

Be advised that this is a public poll: other users can see the choice(s) you selected.

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    The contest is on no matter what, and this was explained clearly way back in the first post. For those of you who are NOT interested, please note that the purpose of this thread was stated; "It would be useful for us to know how many of you would be interested in entering the competition, and on how regular a basis."

    Nowhere in this statement was there a solicitation for opinions, negative or otherwise. The question is very clear... the contest is on... who's interested? If you're not, please refrain from polluting the thread with your opinions of why the contest is a bad idea. You can easily start a new thread for that.
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  2. Okay, design for the Short Film Competition is well on the way and this is an early announcement!

    The first competition will have a closing date of August 20, 2003.

    The inaugural competition will have the topic/theme of "Baldrick"...

    Yes, it's our beloved admin. How you incorporate the concept of "Baldrick" into your short film is up to you. It can be as minor or as significant as you wish! Otherwise, unleash your imagination! Your short film can be a drama, comedy, documentary, animation, anything!

    Some quick info:
    - maximum film length: 5 minutes
    - maximum filesize: 40 MB

    - recommended format: 640x480 DivX 5 AVI with MP3 audio (128kbit/s CBR)

    Get your entry pack and read information on how to enter, details about video settings, etc. at

    Included on the website links and downloads of the software / programs you will need.

    For those of you who can only afford Microsoft's Windows Movie Maker 2 as a video editing program (i.e., free), there is an included guide on the site on how to export to the necessary format.

    Once the official website is ready to be launched, there will be a formal announcement -- look out for it! In the meantime, pull out your miniDV camcorder and start filming!

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    I for one voted that a video contest is an excellent idea. Judging from the poll it seems
    that most people prefer to "watch" than "create". I understand where thought copper is
    coming from, but creativity must begin somewhere. Who knows this idea may launch
    the next Spielberg, Carpenter, or Cameron. I have an mini-DV and an 8MM camcorder
    and I will begin working soon.
    Having commercial tools helps, but it's not required. I still use Virtual Dub for a lot
    of post production stuff, and it's noise reduction filter is tops! I could care less if the
    videos are a little noisy. It's the story that I'm interested in. Good luck film makers and
    see you at the Oscars!

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