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  1. I have sync problem.

    1) i have WD SATA2 7200 RPM hard drive.

    2) I have only one hard drive.

    3) P965.

    4) surely yes.

    5) The final file is AVI, and yes, I watch it on media player 11.

    6) I think the source is pretty good.

    What the problem can be?
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    A lot more information is needed.

    Since this is the Capturing Forum, how are you capturing and what card/device are your using? Describe the process. Are you dropping frames?

    If the problem is with the files or conversion:

    Sync issues with what format? All formats or just a few files?

    What sort of sync problems? Gradual loss or the same sync error throughout the file?

    MP3 VBR audio involved? That's a common cause of sync problems.

    Other causes of sync problems are bad cuts/joins, corrupted audio/video files, bad framerate conversions like PAL<>NTSC.
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    Originally Posted by shdwsclan View Post
    My comp and hardware never outsyncs video and audio.

    Possible causes for VideoAudio Outsync may be.

    heavily fragmented drives
    slow drives -> 5400 RMP
    slow interface -> ATA 33/66
    cache too small -> 2mb cache
    not enough ram -> 128mb ~512mb
    ram too slow -> 333 mhz~400mhz
    FSB to slow -> 266mhz~333mhz
    Single Ram Channel
    AMD process
    Too many mobo features, usually onboard sound
    Not enough resources free -> to many background progs running.
    Crappy chipset -> VIA
    Old firmware
    Old drivers
    Your still using last years programs that use DV 1
    Your using a prog prone to drop frames and unsync
    Your using anything less than Dazzle Hollywood DV-Bridge with a FrameSync chip built in.
    Your processor is too slow.
    You have a lot of crap connected to your peripheral web.
    Slow Vid Card, resolution too high.
    Old/crappy firewire cable
    Old/crappy RCA/SVideo cables
    Poorly Shielded Cables.
    Page file too big.
    Your still using the FAT/16/32 format for your hardrive.
    You have crappy codecs.
    Your a Mac User

    Here is another interesting FACT:
    It is common for MPEG 2 to be unsynced, most people dont notice it when they are watching TV. Truely, the NTSC MPEG 2 has a low unsync rate such as when watching DTV/SATV/HDTV etc.
    XVid is also used for better sync.
    PAL MPEG 2 has a lot worse sync, sync can be off for about 3-5 seconds.
    Using DivX compression for transmission could have periodic sound loss, video loss, 10+ second lagging, and color loss.

    As you can see NTSC SDTV is better even though it has a lesser res, and les colors, but higher frequency of fields, and higher framerate.\

    SDTV 420i/p
    EDTV 720i/p
    HDTV 1080i/(p)
    Sorry to ask a question about something so old but I am new to this and having real sync issues. I am recording TV and don't have the money for a new device but my device will only capture Mpeg2 video files and I am having sync issues from time to time. Will converting the files to another format fix this or has the damage already been done by capturing the video in Mpeg2 format?

    If it has already been done is there a video capture card out there that will not capture in that format that I could get once I have the money? Please note that there is no highspeed internet where I live so any solution can not require an internet connection to work as alli have is dial up and most new hardware and software will not detect that as an internet connection.

    Sorry if this is a question only noobs ask but I am one and I can't find an answer to this question using either good or bing.

    Thank you for your time.
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    Save up and get a used ADVC 100 or 110 device for capturing to DV. This is know to lock in audio sync at capture. A used one might only run you $100 or so.
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    Okay, thanks a bunch. it will be a while before I have that kind of money but it's nice to know there is a solution. I have not been able to find any answers elsewhere on the web and I capture a bunch of shows for my mom who is working when all of her favorite shows are on and it really bugs both of us when the lips are out of sync with the mouths. This will be a big help, thanks a bunch.
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