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  1. Hi fellas,
    Could some1 kindly direct me to a good resource for Pinnacle Studio&Hollywood FX effects tutorials please? As my nick suggests, I am new at this so I hope you can direct me to someplace with step by step instructions on how-to with pics to guide me through. One that even a 3 year old would understand though personally Im already hitting 2 digits I am especially interested in creating the Star Wars effect(i.e. that "galaxy far far away" thingy?)

    Thanks in advance for your help.
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  2. Probably the best site is for Studio 8 which also has links to other sites.
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  3. Thanks Nivram.. but can't seem to find the how-to for the star wars effect though..

    Btw, apart from effects, any free sites to download movie clips especially for those to put in the beginning of any home movies?
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  4. If your looking for the light sabre effect try for their download for anything else re Studio 8 go to for the studio 8 forums and try a search.
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