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  1. Guest
    I get my SVCD file and multiplex it as a Video-CD and after it's done, I play the .mpg file and the audio and video doesn't match. When I used TMPGEnc and stuff a few months ago, it worked fine, but I've tried this with 10 SVCD files and they all have the audio a few seconds ahead or before the video.
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  2. Kurai
    I had the same problem a while ago i guess you reencoded the sound
    try putting in a delay while you are reencoding the sound.
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  3. Guest
    How do I make a delay?
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  4. if the sound is off only a tiny bit you can try this:

    - demux the mpg
    - reencoded the audio (only the audio) with tmpgenc
    - remux the old video with the new audio
    - run svcd2dvdmpg again.

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