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  1. Guest
    Vertical alternating lines appear in my Divx file!
    Is there any way to remove these lines?
    Is this a bug with mmpegx?

    One set of lines is blurry, the other is very sharp.
    The blurry lines mostly blur the colors blue and red. So if someone in the video is wearing something blue, and if its on a blur line, it smudges!
    I have noticed that my file's brightness was boosted when i encoded it, but I have NO idea why these things are happening!

    (The raw file is FINE.)
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  2. Guest
    could someone please answer my question?
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  3. In order to help you, you should provide a link to a fragment of your movie, so as your problem can be reproduced.
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  4. Mako
    I'm not the guy who first asked the question,but I'm having the same problem. Here's a sample clip:

    I'm trying to start with a large DV stream file (.dv created in QT Player), and downsize it to a 384X288 AVI file at rather low bitrate (450kbps). However, whenever I try to process a DV stream (haven't tried any other filetypes) with any of the ffmpeg codecs, I get this weird vertical striped color bleed on reds, as shown in the clip above (look at the girl's dress).

    I've tried just about every combination of options (the one above has everything off, including deinterlacing), as well as different (small) DV source files, and it always shows up on anything done with any ffmpeg-based codec.

    The mencoder versions of the codecs produce gorgeous video with identical settings based on the same source files. Unfortunately, I also can't get the mencoder codecs to do any input file larger than 2GB, where the ffmpeg ones don't mind.

    Any suggestions?
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  5. Can you also post your source clip?
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  6. Guest
    Originally Posted by major
    Can you also post your source clip?

    And the file I get from it:

    I hope somebody can figure it out.
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