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    I have a file that I captured that is 3.2gb on my hard drive, in mpeg2 format. When I put it in a few different authoring programs to burn to a DVD (MovieFactory or MyDVD), it's reported to be over 5gb, which is too big.

    Why do these authoring programs say it's 5gb when the hard drive says otherwise?

    Also, what's the best way to slim down an mpeg2 file without losing much quality?

    Thanks in advance.
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  2. Some authoring programs need double the space of the original mpeg2 file for temporary files whilst authoring. I know DVD workshop does, if you were authoring a 4GB mpeg2 file for DVD it would need approx 8GB for the process. The final image file would still only be 4GB though. Other authoring packages (and I believe mydvd may be one of these) uncompress the audio stream to pcm audio. This increases the amount of space needed as pcm audio takes approx 10MB of space / min. Authoring packages that uncompress the audio during authoring should be avoided if possible, it severely limits the amount of video you can store on a DVD.
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    Thanks for the info! You mentioned that it would need double the space while authoring (for some programs) but that the file size would be the 3.2gb when it was actually done... but the problem is these programs won't let me burn it at all (burn icon is grayed out)... so I'm assuming uncompressed audio is the problem.

    Can anyone suggest a few DVD authoring programs that do not uncompress the audio? I REALLY want to burn this file to a DVD as the picture quality is excellent.

    I've tried Sonic's MyDVD and Ulead's DVD MovieFactory and they both give me the same results (a 3.2gb file being over 5gb when transferred to the disc) and won't let me burn.
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  4. DVD Movie factory will let you author without uncompressing the audio, but you have to tell it do so. There is a setting somewhere that allows you to keep the mp2 audio in the original mpeg, though can't remember exactly where at the mo (sorry ).

    Other DVD authoring packagaes that allow mp2 audio include Dvd-Lab, Dazzle DVD complete and Spruce Up.

    Be aware, that mp2 audio is not standard on NTSC DVD's and some US players may not be able to play the audio on such disks. In this case consider Ac3.
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    << Be aware, that mp2 audio is not standard on NTSC DVD's and some US players may not be able to play the audio on such disks. In this case consider Ac3. >>

    I'm very new to all this DVD authoring stuff, so please forgive me for asking dumb questions.

    How do I make the audio AC3? Do I need to extract it from the mpeg2 file and then burn it separately?

    Let's just say I'm using Ulead's DVD MovieFactory and I want to do this.

    Anyone point me in the right direction?
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  6. I would suggest trying with mp2 audio first. Despite my warning it does appear that MOST players are OK with mp2 audio. Certainly any player that will play (S)VCD should be ok as mp2 audio is the standard in this case.

    However, if you do want to try Ac3 audio there are several guides on how to do so here:;15
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