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  1. Hi, I got a Pioneer DVR-105, and sometimes, when I record avi data,
    the last or 2 last files can' t be read with my dvd players dvd-105 or 106
    but work on the dvd burner, I use Record Now 4.5, I've try with Nero, and got the same problem. I don' t know if it comes from my media, I burn Princo DVD media at 4X, it tell me that the job is finish, but when I try it in the reader, reading probs for the last epsbut work fine on the recorder :/
    Thx for your help
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  2. You just stated your problem. Princo media BLOWS @$$. Just read the DVD media section for all the horror stories. Switch your media and your problem should go away. Go to one of those online stores and get a sample pack. That way you can see what works for you.
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