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  1. Hi guys

    I just bought my second Sony DR510A Writer today it lasted 2 hours, the first time it lasted a few days. They both had the same problems, it threw a error message whilst burning and basically stopped working with the light continiuosly flashing. I contacted Sony UK today and they said that
    they are aware of this problem and it is a hardware fault and will fix if i want to return it to them. Well i will be returning mine to the shop i bought it from tomorrow. So if there any peeps out there
    thinking of buying one (UK) i would wait until they sort the problem out!

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  2. I'm on my second Sony drive, the first one just up and died.
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  3. So this is a pretty common thing. the worst part about it is that I had to wait 3 months just to get the dam thing now I have to send it back. It is such a pain. Well it is getting collected today fingers crossed and all that. Will purchase another make but does any other make match the sony's spec???
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  4. Check out the NEW pioneer 106 online at, 259.00. Or if you have the patience, wait a few months (4-5) for the new 3rd generation burners at 8X....cheers
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