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    Just tried 2 fast svcd 2 dvd but when I burnt it off the disc 2 was first on the dvd why is this?? will the program normally join the two discs without a visible jump or freeze? or do you need another bit of software?
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  2. did you check in the authoring section how they were listed ?

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  3. Guest
    Its the first time i've used it can you change the order then? does it splice the two if they are in the right order or can you see the join?
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  4. yup, you can change the order about..just drag the bottom one up to the bit saying VTS..and it should go above part 1.

    it will join them together.. but if there is an overlap between parts.. you'll see that bit repeated.
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  5. Guest
    cheers m8 works a treat less than 30 mins start 2 finish top quality
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