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  1. k imthinking of running a dual boot with winme and win2k with 2 seperate hardisks (trying to beat the 2 gig limit for using tinra)
    i have a voodoo 4 for gaming but i would really like to get a video capture card and i dont want to get rid of my voodoo is it possible to run seperate video cards for each booting system, and if it is how is it possible and what are the risks, thnx
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  2. For quite awhile I had a geforce2mx and an ati AIW 128 (16 meg pci) in the same box. Worked pretty well. Since then I put the AIW in its own box dedicated to playing dvd's and recording video, but while they were both in the same machine, it had no problems ... as long as I was under win2k or linux. Win98 hated the situation :/
    Also DON"T use full screen opengl or direct3d apps with both cards enabled. It messed up bigtime. But it worked great for video capture and day to day work.

    Just my expirience.

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