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  1. I have hooked up my sony dvd player to my reciever using the standard white, yellow, red rca cables and I cannot get the reciever to play the dolby digital format and i cant change the reciever to direct input from the dvd.

    Does anyone know if this is the problem with using rca cables or what?

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  2. If I understand you correctly you are just using the 3 cables (yellow, red and white)?

    If that is the case all you are getting with this set up is a standard stereo signal from DVD to Receiver.

    Depending on the connections of your hifi and dvd player, to get Dolby Digital, you need to connect with either an optical/co-ax cable or 6 channel out to 6 channel in. If you use the optical/co-ax way then your receiver does the DD decoding and if the 6 channel way then the DVD player does the DD decoding...........I think!

    Anyway, works for me as I have my DVD connected by optical cable and I use the 6 channel input for my PC connection

    Hope this helps
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    feenix is on the right track but in a bit more detail :-

    If your DVD player has a dolby digital/DTS encoder BUILT IN - then you will have 6 Phono audio connectors on the back of your DVD player - front L, front R, center, rear L, rear R and Sub. You MAY have a Coaxial (again usually phono socket) and/or TosLink digital connector as well (small square connector - should have a bung in it).

    If your Amp does not have an external 5.1 input (ie 6 phono sockets for the above input) OR have a dolby digital/dts encoder in it - then game over - you cannot play dd or dts.

    If your Amp has a dd/dts encoder and your DVD player doesn't (usually the most common way to get 5.1 ) - then just connect your DVD player using the Coaxial (phono) or TosLink (Optical) to the Amp and away you go.

    Also make sure your DVD player is set to use the digital output - have a look in the menus to make sure.

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