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    if i play my dvd, which i created with ffmpegx, there are no sound. but with mplayerosx i can hear the sound on playing the vob files on dvd? whats wrong? any ideas?

    cheers tom
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  2. Have you kept the elementary .m2v and .mp2 streams?
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  3. Guest
    i think so, after 2 trys and 3 days i removed the files. at the end there was one mpg file, 2 others with these extensions (mpv, mp2) and the vob stuff. at the beginning it created the stream.yuv and the audiodump.wav in my home drectory and the mpv file (no other one), it looks everything ok. on my second try while encoding i opened the wav file, i heard somesting. my first dvd works with sound, but the last one, with the same settings, has no sound (i tested with vlc, home dvd player and dvd player on macosx), only if load the vob files directly from the burned dvd with mplayerosx, i can hear something. is the sound for a dvd player outsite of the vob files or what are the different between a dvd player and mplayerosx?

    sorry for my bad english. greatings from germany.

    cheers tom[/b]
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  4. Try to combine the .mpv and .mp2 files with Sizzle. Does it plays sound now?
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