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  1. here is the deal. I am trying to rip just the audio from my pearl Jam Touring 2000 DVD.

    Everytime i rip the LPCM tracks there is a loud hissing/distortion throughout the audio.

    But if i rip the 6 channel AC3 track, there is no problem with the resulting audio files.

    There are 2 audio track on this DVD.
    1. Is a 6 channel AC3 track.
    2. Is a 2 channel LPCM track.

    So i figured ripping the 2channel LPCM track would be the way to go. Then im going to encode it into .MPCs and add it to my collection.

    Im using DVDecrypter to Rip the LPCM audio stream and Demuxing it.

    Has any eles had/solved this problem.
    I am not sure what i should try to do next.

    Why would just the LPCM tracks come out messed up and not the 6channel AC3?\

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    You could try ripping the DVD to your HD, then using DVD2AVI to strip the audio to a separate file. This is the way I usually do it.
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  3. i did try to rip the Vob files to my HD and then extract the LPCM audio from them, but i had the same problems.

    I Just used DVDecrypter.
    I will try using DVD2AVI, maybe that would help

    thanks for the suggestion SLK001.

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  4. Just as an update, i Figure out how to get around my problem.

    I used DVDecrypter to rip the individual .vob files to my HD.
    Then i used BeSweet to Demux the LPCM audio from vobs and everything came out correct.

    (i orginally use DVDecrypted to Demux the LPCM, and thats where i had the problems with the audio.)
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  5. solved my PCM problems to. Thanks.
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  6. i too am having the same issue when ripping an LPCM track. i use DVD Decrypter to rip a direct stream copy of the .VOB file to the HD. stream log file tells me:
    0xA0 - Audio - LPCM / 2ch / 48kHz / 24bit / English / LBA: 234133 / PTS: 00:08:06.803 / Delay: -283ms

    both the picture and audio play fine when i open the ripped VOB file w/ my dvd playing software. i use BeSweet to extract the 0xA0(PCM) substream to a Wave-Stereo .WAV file. when i try to play the .WAV file in WinAmp, WMP, or CoolEdit, all i hear is a loud hiss, and barely audible correct audio.

    i'm not sure why the audio is not converting from LPCM to WAV correctly. any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  7. You have to demux with DVD2AVI not with DVDDecryptor. Just copy the vobs as they are, exactly like they are on the DVD, then load them into DVD2AVI and demux. Now load the demuxed .pcm into besweet.
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    SmartRipper is also good for demuxing the LPCM stream into a WAV file. I have only used it twice on such occasions (after ripping the DVD onto the disk with DVDDecrypter) and never had a problem.
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