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  1. will svcd2dvdmpg patch an svcd mpeg file that does not have any audio?

    the reason i ask is because i prefer converting my own audio (to 48khz ac3 instead of 48khz mp2) and having svcd2dvdmpg do that seems like a waste of time..

    i tried doing it earlier but the program got to step 3 (of 3) and just did nothing..
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    Inputs to svcd2dvdmpg are currently only mpeg program streams(or bins). However what you can do is produce elementry streams & skip the audio resampling. Produce you own ac3 streams and then author with patched video streams from svcd2dvdmpg & audio streams from you.

    What do you use for producing ac3?
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  3. i'll give that a whirl..

    i use besweet gui to convert mp2 44.1khz to dd 2.0 384kbps 48khz ac3's
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