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  1. is this included in the "dvd-svcd" portion of the dvd players section?

    i've recently been testing discs created with svcd2dvdmpg

    i converted a 3 disc "the italian job" svcd to dvd.. i let it patch the mpegs, but i converted the audio from mp2 to ac3 dd 2.0 and authored through dvd maestro.. it wouldnt play through powerdvd, so i ran it through dvd2one in movie only mode..

    i then tested it on a few dvd players;

    symphonic dvd/vcr combo wf-802 = distorted picture, sound OK
    sony playstation 2 v7 = it read the disc, but wouldnt play it because it was a pal disc..
    both models of the apex 1100w = picture was funky for first 2 seconds then it displayed correctly, sound OK.
    sanyo dwm-370 = video & sound OK
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    DVD player compatability is an interesting area. As you say it should be those players that play "DVD-SVCD"s. But for my money it also depends on the source. I.e you may have a svcd with a strange mpeg structure and that may give you issues but given a decent source mpeg that player may be ok. That is why i say in a big bold font on the front page of my site:

    NB: DVD-SVCDs work on around 90% of DVD players. To save both me & you some time try the Samples first if you have never played DVD-SVCD on your player before.
    Also just because your PS2 doesn't play PAL doesn't make it incompatable with SVCD2DVDMPG.

    I will set up a sticky post for people to post dvd player experiences but it will only be using the samples. These samples come from and are deemed "proper" svcds. Any other sources can be encoded/edited incorrectly.

    Yep that Michael Caine is good in the movie!
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  3. Originally Posted by ChrissyBoy
    Also just because your PS2 doesn't play PAL doesn't make it incompatable with SVCD2DVDMPG.

    i'm totally aware of that.. it even does it with my futurama r2 dvd's when i try using the gameshark multi-region dvd player.. makes ya wonder what the point of even having that feature is if you cant play pal dvd's on an ntsc ps2?
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    Well sadly I have yet, although I suppose CB 100% and paid for the + version, to make a DVD-SVCD that works in my Pioneer player...

    It's very picky about this format, which is odd considering it plays every OTHER format flawlessly.

    - Gurm
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