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  1. I'm using TMPGEnc Plus 2.5 to convert films to a format that my DVD player can show. SVCD are the ones that I have used (480x480).

    But many films are in the format 640x272. How do I get an mpeg-2 format that my DVD player can read ?? How do I convert a film with this resolution using TMPGEnc Plus 2.5.

    Thank's for your help.

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  2. Some more details :

    A typical film : 640x272 with 23.976 fbs (NTSC film) (ripped from a laser disc I think)
    What type of settings must I use in TMPEnc plus 2.5 to get a good SVCD
    to play on my DVD player. I understand that I need to add black border but how. Is there an easy way in TMPEnc or do I need to obtain other programs ?

    Please help !!

    Regards Tom
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    when you load the video make sure under advanced that the video arrange method is set to full screen (keep aspect ratio).
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