I searched this forum a few days ago for a solution to my problem, to no avail. Since I figured out a way around I thought I'd put a post here in case someone in the future decides to do a search.

My problem is I have an old MITSUMI 2801 CD-R that can't do DAO (despite the fact that CDRDao's webpage thinks it can). After using VCDEasy to make a kick ass menu and chapter rich VCD, I was stuck with no way to burn it.

I tried converting to ISO using various image tools, but the resulting image was always corrupt or just did not play in ANY DVD player.

So, the solution is to get DAEMON TOOLS, which can mount the BIN/CUE as a virtual CDROM. Then, I just used a generic CD copier program to copy the virtual cd.

I just thought I'd post that in case someone has a similar problem. A google search showed me that it is a common problem.

Have fun making backups!