Ok whilst the installation and initial set up of SVCD2DVDMPG+ is not as straight forward as I would like, there are good reasons for this. However I will try to answer some recurring questions here which elaborate on the email you recieve.

(for the pupose if this when I say your INSTALL folder I mean the folder where you installed SVCD2DVDMPG+. By default this is "C:\Program Files\Badgersoft\SVCD2DVDMPG+")

"Validation failure due to XmlLoad"

This occurs because your reg file can't be found. It is supposed to be called reg.xml and reside in the INSTALL folder. The easiest way to do this is to open your INSTALL folder in Windows Explorer. Now open the zip attachment you recieved and drag the the registration file from the zip and drop it in your INSTALL folder.

Can Update from Menu: "Unable to check for update at this time"

This occurs because the program can't reach my http servers. Either you have not got a connection up or there is some proxy/firewall issue. To that end you can get your updates manually from http://www.svcd2dvdmpg.com/SVCD2DVDMPG/AutoUpdate/GetUpdates.aspx

My finished DVDR has audio sync problems.

This can happen with sources that have been edited (commercial breaks removed from tv rips for example). The reason this happens is as follows:

In a mpeg program stream there exists presentation timestamps(PTS). These, as you may expect are used to keep the audio & video in sync. In the MPEG encoding process (TV card or whatever), audio and video may start at a different PTS or some frames may be lost during the recording. You will not notice this when playing back the recording, as the PTS info present in the MPEG2 PS will mean that video and audio will be presented at the correct time, even with frames missing. Audio and video will still be "in sync", as the player knows exactly, when to present the A/V chunks.

Now in order to do a DVD-VCD we have to seperate the elementary streams from the program stream and interleaving them to a new program stream after resampling the audio..

During demuxing we generate elementary streams, that have no timing information. Now - when you re-mux these streams, a missing or corrupted A/V block will lead to de-synchronization of audio and video.....

This is the issue. Everything will work but there will be sync issues as frames are dropped during encoding to maintain sync after the mpeg structure has been cut.

There is a solution:

Finally a SUREFIRE way to add Multiple VCD'S to DVD-R Without Audio Sync Issues

work in progress.... more to come