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  1. Why cant i burn at 1 speed with my pioneeer dvr 105 ??

    i want to burn 1 speed cause at the end of the movie i burned

    the movie skips or stops ,go fast and stop again ..over and over .

    or aint it a problem with the speed ???
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  2. sounds to me like it could be the media. i write at 4x using Princo white tops (78p each BTW) and have had no bother at all. I have just flashed my drive with the hacked firmware and im using the latest version of Nero.

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  3. i also use the the 4x speed princo

    the other disc iz nanya 2x speed and i can burn at 2x speed
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    This sounds like what happens to me when I need to clean one or all of my drives. Just a thought.
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