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  1. hi all
    to all members,
    i want to know if any convertor softweare for mp3/wav to cda (cd-r format) is available???
    i don't want to convert wav to cda by directly burning to a cd rom in a cd burning software
    pls. help me if it is then where is it on net???
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    Wav basically is cda... to my knowledge there is no way to store cda on your harddrive without it being wav or some other audio compression, as cda is just the index file and the raw data is on the cd (audio CD)
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  3. CD Audio format is only meant for writing CD's, not only is it impractical, but the .cda files themselves, being only 44 bytes, describe what area on a CD contains the audio itself. Please do some homework before you ask about something so useless.
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