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  1. Guest
    I converted a vob file to a mpg file, but I accidentally clicked author as SVCD of... I used vcdtoolsX to create an xml file and with that xml file an img file. this creates a folder with these contents:

    - videocd_01.img
    - videocd_02_pregap.img
    - videocd_02.img

    Only videocd_02.img is a large file and I can play it in VLC wich plays the correct movie. So do I have to burn ONLY this last .img file?

    And I have another question... when converteing with mplayer decode.. allot of information is given.. And I am wondering what it all means:

    A:5911.9 V:5911.9 A-V: -0.060 ct: 0.166 147793/147793 60% 537% 5.8% 55615 0

    This is 1 line... I can imagine A means audio and V video and A-V maybe the A-V sync. the large numbers seperated by slashes is the amount of frames it has made... but what does the reast mean?
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  2. RastaPiggy
    This is me again.. just forgot to type the name in the previous post.. I also forgot to tell that in folder with the .img files there also is a file called:

    - videocd.toc
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  3. You need both the first and second image to make a VCD. Just drop them into toast under the Multitrack CD-ROM XA option. As you said the second image is the video and the first is the data that tells the DVD player what format it is etc...

    The .toc file is not needed...Just delete this...
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  4. RastaPiggy
    Thanks for the answer.. but I did this.. and my DVD player doesn't seem to recognize it?!?! I believe it is possible to make a .bin out of the .mpg and than burn it.. but as what do I have to burn it than? As a Disc Image right?
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  5. Guest
    What a waste of CD's!!! Toast burned the movie .img file first and after that the other 1... I burned it again only this time the other way around.. and know it did work ... but.... the quality of the SVCD is pretty good but I do get some blocks when the image goes fast (if ya know what I mean)... with VCD this problem isnt present but the image is blurry.. I still like SVCD better.. but... I'm a bit worried how the image will be if I would split a 150 minuten movie for example over 2 CD'S... is it smarter to split it over 3 CD's when the movie gets to long?
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  6. See if your DVD player supports XSVCDs.

    If it does you can really crank up the quailty.

    I'm able to Encode at around 2.5 MB/sec with a 720x480 resolution. Granted on a CD you do get limited as to how long a movie you can fit.

    If you can, test with a CD-RW disk. That way if something goes fubar you can just erase and try again.
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  7. Guest
    this is from the vcdtoolsx website

    1) To make XA multitrack images that Toast Titanium can burn, you have to use the toastXAimager function (tab) in vcdtoolsX. The toastXAimager function takesa XML-file as input. A XML-file that describe the structure of the video CD (VCD) or super video CD (SVCD). You can make this XML by yourself in a simple text editor as TextEdit, emacs or vi. You may also have noticed that when you are using vcdXrip with a SVCD or VCD image, there is a XML-file output. This XML is the same that you use as input in vcdImager. But be sure to add this line:

    <option name="track pregap" value="152" />

    after the videocd-tag in the XML file.
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    Thanks for your replies.. allthough I allready managed to do it right. What I did wrong was putting the larger .img file in front of the small 1 with burning... so my DVD player tried to read the large .img without reading the small .img file first..
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