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  1. Hi for all!! Congratulations for the excelent site!!!!!

    I've a movie (captured from TV) that has rolling bar (in the footer) with msg from the viewer.
    My question is: how can i hide or remove this rolling bar from the movie without losing quality (sound and image).

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    the easiest way would be to crop it out. You'll lose a portion of the video, but it's underneath the footer anyway...
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    Hi there

    Unless I'm missing something you are going to have to re-encode your video after cropping it.

    What format is the clip at present ? Is it an mpeg or avi file or something else ?

    You will probably be ok as far as audio quality is concerned since you can extract the sound as it is now but one way or another, (unless you are going from uncompressed avi -> uncompressed avi) you probably will loose a little video quality, how much depends on the current format and which format you want the edited clip to be in


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