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  1. I recently converted an avi to mpeg-2. It was too big to fit on 1 cd so i cut it to fit on two. i used vcdeasy to burn the 1st cd but when i come to burn the 2nd one its says... "The duration of this MPEG file is too short (0000 < 4000 milliseconds)". This would be fair enough...but the Mpeg i am using is about 45 mins long!!! Help!! Thanks for any input! Ps great Site/Forum!
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  2. I know I'm replying to a very old post, however I'm running into exactly the same situation and I can't find anything else relating to this.

    Is there any way to "fix" an svcd mpeg ?

    I tried using VCDGear but I think it's expecting VCD, not SVCD ...

    I do seem to be able to burn this svcd using Nero, but in my experience, Nero is not nearly as good as VCDEasy for this type of thing.

    Any help would be gratefully accepted ...


    *edit* oh, when I do an analysis on this file it comes up stating:

    "This MPEG file have bad packets: bad packet at packet #2 (stream byte offset 2356) - remaining 775259687 bytes of stream will be ignored"

    Also, this is a little different from the original poster in that it is not from a conversion, so I don't have source material to do another conversion ...

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