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  1. I followed the guide on this site to convert an mpeg to Divx using VirtualDub. I tried it out with a small vid clip (150 MB) to see how well it worked. when i tried to save the avi, the status window never seemed to change. the audio frames moved to 4096 and stopped, the video frames stayed at 0. it had 0% progress for a good hour. does it normally take this long to encode or is something definitely not working? i have win2k and virtualDub 1.4c if that helps.
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  2. I faced the same exact problem.
    I tried to let it for 12 hours or more, and yet no progress.
    Where did I get wrong?
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  3. oh yeah. I have Athlon 1G, 256MB ram, 20GB free disk space.
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  4. I'm having the same problem. I Tried playing around with some of the settings. I got it to kinda work, but the file I came out with was twice as big as the original. I want to turn my chunky MPEGs into AVIs.
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  5. Yeah I had the same problem too what I found out was
    that when i used MP-3 Audio for my audio compression instead of Divx Audio then the problem cleared up.
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  6. OMG, thank ou so much TheSaiyan. It worked perfectly. I too had found a fix. Under divx sound, you have to pick a bit rate that is labeled for divx, but its all really low quality, and there is this electronic echo... sounds really bad. But the sound with your fix is perfecto!!!
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  7. Hmmm... but that means the audio compression will be MP3 (not DivX), and the MP3 audio compression can't use 128kBit/s.

    Anyway, all DivX files that I ever see used DivX on the audio compression. How could they do it then?

    Is there any other solution?
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  8. top again again
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  9. top againagainagain.
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  10. when you choose divx audio as your compression method, to the right there is a list of bitrates

    64 kbps, 48khz,stereo
    128 kbps, 44khz, stereo
    160 kbps, 44khz, stereo for Divx

    well you can only pick the ones that say 'for Divx '

    the rest wont work
    (i just tried it)

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  11. methosz: what do you mean by "top"?
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  12. Oh thank's a lot w00kie. I'll try that.

    Well, "top" means that I want to revive this thread put it on the top again (since nobody reply yet, and lower thread usually gets less attention).
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  13. kcella, he is bumping your thread so more people would read it and maybe answer it.
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