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    All-In-One DVD Capture Guide, Capture video directly to DVD(MPEG2)

    In this guide I will explain how to capture TV or video directly to MPEG2 DVD, it means that you don't have to convert anything after you have captured the video. And also how to edit it, for example remove commercials and last author to a DVD. This requires a capture card that can capture directly to DVD(MPEG2) like the WinTV PVR cards, ATI AIW cards or Snazzi cards or you can use a TV-Card/Video Card with a software DVD capture tool but it requires a very fast computer and the quality is usually that not good.

    Do NOT use this guide if you want to best possible quality or if you are thinking of add transitions or other advanced editing with Premiere, Ulead Video, Vegas Video.

    I will capture four 50 minutes TV programs with commercials and I will then remove the commercials and burn them on one DVDR/W. The TV program is actually 60 minutes but I will remove the commercial so it will be around 45-50 minutes.

    Tools required:
    Your Capture Card capture utility or a software DVD(MPEG2) capture software like PowerVCR II, WinDVR.
    TMPGEnc DVD Author
    Nero Express (or your favorite DVD-Video burning software)

    Step 1 Capture
    Before you capture it is best to calculate the video bitrate you are going to capture to, so you know that it will fit on one DVDR/W and keep the best quality. You can skip this calculation and just capture with default DVD settings but then you don't how much you will fit one DVDR. I will capture four 50 minutes programs and put on one DVDR/W. Around 200-240 minutes is the max you can have on one DVDR/W without losing too much video quality. I will use my simple java bitrate calculator but you can use any bitrate calculator available. Open

    1. Change to DVD
    2. Set the time for how many minutes you want on ONE DVDR/W, in this example I will capture 4 x 50 minutes = 200 minutes
    3. Set the audio bitrate to what your capture card can handle, usually 192-224 kbit/s.
    4. And you will get the Calculated bitrate that you are going to use in the Capture tool.

    If the calculated bitrate is below around 3500 kbit/s then I would recommend to capture to a lower DVD resolution like 352x480(NTSC)/352x576(PAL) instead of 720x480(NTSC)/720x576(PAL) for better video quality.

    I will show how to configure the capture settings with my WinTV PVR. If you have another capture card or software you have to check the manual how to set the correct settings. With my WinTV PVR I have to download this reg file to enable the advanced settings(thanks to ).
    Under the Preferences I choose
    1. Click on Advanced.
    2. Set the Bitrate to what you calculated above.
    3. Set the video resolution, 352x480 for NTSC and 352x576 for PAL if your Bitrate is below around 3500 or else use max DVD Resolution 720/704x480(NTSC) or 720/704x576(PAL).
    4. Set the audio bitrate also, I use 192 kbit/s and remember to set to 48 khz audio(it is the DVD Standard)

    I capture one episode at a time with the commercials if any. I will edit it later.

    Step 2 Author the DVD, edit the video, add chapters and make menus
    TMPGEnc DVD author is a great and simple DVD Authoring tool and it can also edit your captured material like remove commercials. It can not yet burn though and has kinda limited menu editing features but it is enough for me.

    Start TMPGENC DVD Author
    1.Create a New Project

    Source Setup
    Under the source setup do we add the video files and we can also edit the video(add chapters and cut video).

    1. Name the first track as something, I have captured four Miami Vice episodes so I name the first as it
    2. Click on add file to add the first video.
    3. If you have more than one video file, like different tv programs then I recommend you to create a new track for each, click Add new track and name the track and then add the video as in the first step.
    4. After you added all video files, click on EDIT on the video to edit it.

    Edit Clip
    I will show how to remove commercials.
    1. Drag the bar to the where the first commercial break start.
    1b. Use forward, backward to get as near as the break as possible
    2. Select Set as start frame.
    3. Drag the bar to the end of the first commercial break.
    4. Select Set as end frame.
    5. Hit Cut to remove the commercial break.
    Repeat those 5 steps until all commercial breaks are gone. Each cut will be a new chapter also.
    (To add more chapters, just drag the bar where you want the chapter and click on Add current frame to chapter)

    Create Menu
    Create a basic Menu, TMPGEnc do not support very advanced menus yet.

    1. Select a menu template that you like.
    2. Click on each track to edit its Menu
    3. Click on the names to rename or change font them if you like.
    4. If you have own background you would like to use then left click and open it.

    Tmpgenc can't yet burn, but it can make a DVD folder for you that you can burn with most DVD burning software.

    1. First check so you are below 4438 MB
    2. Select a new folder where to put the DVD Folder, you must have same free space as the size of this project
    3. Hit Begin output.

    You should now have a folder with a VIDEO_TS and a AUDIO_TS folder.

    Step 3 Burn with Nero Express
    Nero Express is a very easy Burning tool that can burn DVD-Video. You can also use your favorite DVD-Video burning tool instead of Nero.

    Start Nero Express
    1. Select your DVD-Writer
    2. Select DVD-Video

    1. Click on Add file
    2. Select the VIDEO_TS folder that TMPGEnc have created.
    3. Click ADD
    4. Click Finish.
    5. Click Next to burn.

    1. Select the Disc label.
    2. Select Writing speed.
    3. And hit Burn to burn the video. Try first on RW.


    If you have problem playing the DVD on your DVD-Player try burn with another DVD-Video burning tool like CopyToDVD, Recordnow Max. If that does not help try different Media.

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  2. I tried this guide since I own the same video capture card. The mpg files look perfectly in synch. However, after authoring the DVD, the resulting vob files, either watched on the PC or burned in a DVD-R, lacks audio-vido synchronization. What could be wrong? I am using the lates TMPEG DVD Author released.
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    I have no audio sync problems after used tmpgenc dvd author and playing on my pioneeer dvd player. You could try with another author tool to see if it helps. Be sure to use the latest hauppauge drivers(works perfect for me), visit for more hauppauge information.
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  4. I'm a MEGA Super Moderator Baldrick's Avatar
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    Be also sure to update to latest tmpgenc dvd author...I think the first releases had some sync problems.
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    is it posible to alter the menu screen as its well lets just say bland
    ps i added a background its the menu bit
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    I have now tried to author a DVD with mpg files from my Hauppauge PVR-PCI card. I tried different bitrates and CBR/VBR. The program works really good until I generates the VOB information (VIDEO_TS folder). The resulting files are really small, just a fraction of what it should be. If I try to burn the DVD anyway the DVD works but there is only a couple of seconds of video of every clip.
    I have used the latest haupauge drivers and the latest DVD Author (trial version).
    Anyone had this problem or a clue what could be wrong?
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  7. Hi,
    All desktop dvd players are supposed to handle MPEG-2 audio? I used this guide to make a disk with TMPENG DVD Author and with mpeg-2 i could hear the audio (it was fine on the pc's dvd player tho) but everything was fine with PCM. I don't like PCM cuz it take so much bandwidth...
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