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  1. Hello every1

    I thought i had seen this before on this site, but i could not find it again.. ;(

    Anyway i capture my video&audio in DVIO through my Canopus ADVC converter (i love it).

    When i edit the video & audio in pinnacle studio 8 the final result has a mute in every transition. Everything works great, only the audio i missing for 1sec. in every transitions i add ;(

    Thanks in advance every1!!! 8)
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  2. veiwed 29 times but no replies?

    Somebody has to know something about this.

    Please help me!!!

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  3. Were you able to solve this ?
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  4. VCD GURU, I read several post on the Pinnacle webboard were users were having problems with audio loss, it seems like it may have something to do with the actual transitions as it also adds an audio transition.
    this one of the postings by user, albicusi:
    I lost the sound of the videoclip (main audiotrack), but in a unconsistent way... so I searched for the potential cause and I found it: adding transitions you not only add a video transition, but an audio transition too; that is tha cause of the following lack of sound.
    I solved my problem (this one only, because I still miss the music audio) in this way:
    - in timeline view lock the main video track
    - than, go to Text view; working in timeline was impossible: I got kicked out every 30 seconds by Studio8
    - in text view look for any audio transition (is usually close to/following the video transition) and delete it
    - magically, the lost sound of the following clip comes back
    - save your work, than, if you want, you can go in timeline view and trim the sound track or lower the volume during the transition.
    It is a small cost for the benefit of having back the sound.
    I hope it will work for you.
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  5. I had a similar problem using Windows Movie Maker, and the problem was the bitrate of the audio file. I had to increase the bitrate to something above 192 bps and this fixed the problem. I wonder if that would work in Stuio?
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