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  1. i try convert 23 fps to 29 fps using various method.. but close i got was being sync.. but.. the speed is the movie become twice as fast.. and it sound like they are talking super.. fast..
    i use.. virtualdub to frame serve to 29 fps
    and besweet to convert audio from 23 to 29..
    but the besweet.. step. .make the sound super fast..
    i need help.. on this.. please..
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    There is absolutely no reason to do this conversion. It will greatly decrease quality and will probably create desync.

    The NTSC standard requires 29.97fps PLAYBACK but most digital media is encoded at 23.976fps and converted to 29.97fps by the DVD player as the movie plays. This is incredibly more efficient.

    The VCD standard supports 23.976fps directly. Simply encode at that fps and the DVD player will do the rest.

    As for the SVCD standard, you must add 3:2 pulldown flags. TMPGenc has a built in function for this under encode mode on the video tab. Or you can just use the NTSCfilm SVCD template. Another way to add the pulldown flags to an already encoded video stream is to use pulldown.exe.

    To actually convert 23.976fps to 29.97fps you must perform a telecine, which splits the frames into fields and repeates fields in a 2:3 patter. If you look on the advanced tab in TMPGenc you will see a 3:2 pulldown filter. If you enable this, load a 23.976fps source, and set output to 29.97fps then you will get a properly telecined 29.97fps output. But like I said, there is absolutely no reason to do this.
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