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    I'm thinking of buying a DVD-RW drive. I have seen a few at

    NEC DVD+RW 2.4x DVD Recordable Drive Model ND-1000A/GNX Retail
    Interface: ATAPI EIDE
    DVD Write Speeds: 2.4x DVD+R writing; 2.4x DVD+RW writing;
    CDRW Write Speeds: 16X CLV CD-R, 10X CD-RW
    DVD/CD Read Speeds 5-12x speed DVD-ROM reading; 17-40x speed CD-ROM reading capabilities
    Buffer UnderRun Technology
    Also playback DVD-Video with special function, such as MPEG decoder
    Retail box (see pictures for details) Model#: ND-1000A/GNX

    Interface: IDE ATAPI
    Buffer: 2MB
    Write Speeds: 2x DVD-RAM, 2x DVD-R, 1x DVD-RW, 12X CD-R, and 8X CD-RW
    Read Speeds:32X CD-ROM and 12X DVD-ROM
    OEM pack (See pics for details) Model#: SW-9571-CYY

    Toshiba DVD-R/DVD-RW Recorder, EIDE/ATAPI Model SD-R5002TA OEM
    Data Speeds: 2X DVD-R Read/Write 1X DVD-RW Read/Write,12X DVD-ROM Read 16X CD-R Read/Write,10X CD-RW Read/Write 40X CD-ROM Read
    Average Random Seek Time: DVD: 130ms CD-ROM: 110ms
    MTBF 100,000 hours
    OEM Bare Drive Only, (see pics) Model#: SD-R5002TA

    What's your opinion of these?

    Thanks for any and all responses!
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    If it was me, I'd watch Office Max ads and get a 4x Cendyne DVD-R\-RW which is actually a Pioneer-105. Usually you can get them on sale after rebate and coupon for around $129.00.
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    I'd not buy the Panasonic one. There have been a couple of negative posts about it on here, which persuaded me against getting one.

    Plus, if it's the OEM version you are buying, if you spend a little more you may find you can get a retail drive complete with drivers and maybe even some blanks thrown in.

    I was deciding between the Panasonic and the LG GMA-4020. Although the latter was 20 dearer, I got the box, software (essential for the DVD-RAM driver) and DVD-RAM and DVD-RW discs as well.
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