According to a tutorial on I used Substation Alpha 4.08 and the subtitler plugin in Virtualdub to make subtitles to a Futurama episode. As suggested I frameserved the movie to TMPEGenc and I used the same basic settings for the mpeg file as the original file had:

352x240, 29.970 fps, 44khz Stereo, 224 kbs layer2.

It seemed to work fine, the subtitle work correctly but in the last 5 min of the 20 min mpeg the audio and viedo are getting about half a second out of sync. It seems strange to me that it does run fine at the beginning and only later gets out of sync.

I compared both mpeg with Virtualdub's file info and realized that the newly generated one has _more_ frames than the original: 49712 instead of 49669. I guess that is the reason but how come?

My machine is a Celeron 800 with 256 MB SDRAM running under Win98SE but I don't think that it's doing any problems cause I set the preview option to 'not display' and did not cause any other load on the machine during the time it worked on encoding.

Thanks for any info you can provide preferrably via mail.