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  1. Hi
    I wanted to make SVCD with switchable/selecteable subs
    So i went through the article on this site
    "How to make your own switchable/selecteable SVCD subtitles from scratch with I-Author Deluxe"
    located here:
    now i got this I-Author and followed the instructions but i have a few questions:
    is there a way to import original subs file (or any other format? Txt, ssa...)
    or am i suppose to write the subs for the whole movie by myself? And if i want subs in two languages i need to rewrite it?
    Oh my god its not worth the while....

    i saw that there is a way to import txt but the timing of the subs just falls into the text itself instead of the time line.. so all the txt for one movie imported into I-Author stands 4 one line!

    Now i tried to create OGT file
    So i opend one in word , wordpad , notepad
    (thought i can copy the header and structure of the OGT file to a sub file and create a fake OGT file there for a sec)
    but the OGT file doesn’t have any header or structure! It look like a bunch of signs in all text editors .

    there r few people who write there own subs, most people just download there subs from the net .

    so is there a way to use premade subs with I-Author
    With subs already downloaded from the net?
    Maybe I got it all wrong (I still can not believe u think people will write the whole subs)
    If not, and that is the case is there a way to make switchable/selecteable subs any other way?
    Cause I-Author as a solution sucks for me…

    Any info and help would be thank 4
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    I think MaestroSBT can convert SSA files to I-Author format (and others). WinSubMux can also be used to add selectable subtitles, but you have to convert the SSA (or whatever) file to submux format.
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  3. WinSubMux is a better choice, IMHO, to add selectable subtitles as you can add either SVCD subtitles or CVD subtitles. It's a personal thing, but I've found more standalones that support CVD subtitles (go figure).

    WinSubMux is also freeware (not even going to ask where you found a copy of I-author )
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  4. Just rip the subs from the DVD with Subrip!!

    You load a VOB, select the stream you want (which language). Choose txt method with OCR and you can then define which sub format you want (ssa, sub, srt). Time signatures are ripped for you. You can also adjust the time of all subs at once if you need (to a ˝ a second earlier, or something)

    I recommend that you follow the guide at I also recommend the OCR method and saving to srt format. You can edit the subs in Wordpad (just open the srt) if there are any mistakes in spelling, and you can reload the srt format into Subrip to then convert to other subtitle formats. You can't if you save the first rip that you do as ssa or sub.

    Here's the link:
    Happy to be here.
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  5. sterno u were right MaestroSBT can convert ssa to I-Author txt.
    I had a few problems with the process so maybe u can point out what
    Am i doing wrong here.

    I've opened ssa in MaestroSBT and I generate the I-Author format by this
    Method :
    1. hit the timing button and select my fps in and out
    2. hit the the rendering button and select :
    under script : .txt I-Author
    under bitmaps: Windows BMP 8 bits (is that right ?)
    under output resolution : movie size
    then I hit generate and MaestroSBT made a txt file and couple of hundreds
    bitmaps each standing for one line of subs txt.
    I watched the bitmaps in acdsee and saw it looks fine and in the right order
    (the screen was white with the size of original movie and the subs were at the buttom is that the way it should be?)

    now I went back to I-Author .
    disabled karaok mode , load the .mpa sound file
    hit Ctrl+m to import a txt item
    and it was loaded!
    But unfortunately when I hit play I saw nothing but a black dark screen.

    What am I doing wrong here?
    Is that the right way to make I-Author txt ?

    Gonzalimator: I have only txt formats of subs (sub ,ssa,txt)
    And the movie itself is MPEG-2 no vob to extract subs from…
    But thanks anyway.
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