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  1. I need to made a good quality slideshow that can be played on any DVD player. I would like to add music and transitions between the slides.

    So far, I have used Roxio DVD Creator software. I can burn a VCD, but the pictures come out blurry and washed out, and the music is skipping. When I burn a SVCD I get a Disk Error when trying to play it on DVD player. I have not yet tried the "trick" that is posted on this forum to trick the DVD into thinking it is reading a VCD when it is really a SVCD.

    I am willing to buy a DVD burner, but I am not sure if this is going to solve my problem.

    What is the best software to use for making a quality slideshow, and what is the best way to burn this to CD (or DVD) so that I will have a good quality slideshow that can be played on DVD players.

    I thought this was going to be an "easy" project, but it seems that I have opened up a can of worms here. If anyone can help me out, pointing me toward the correct software and technique, I would be most grateful.
    What technique do the professionals use to get great quality videos that anyone can play on any DVD player? Why does this seem to be so elusive to an ordinary PC user?

    I am not looking for the cheapest way to do this, I am willing to buy whatever software or hardware I need.


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    You'll get plenty of differing opinions on this one !!

    I use this DVDRHELP's sponsor's product ProShow, which has a demo and a link on the home page.

    It works fine for me on SVCD.
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    I and my siblings recently completed transfering 7,500 slides to DVD slideshows for our parents' 50th Wedding Anniversary, using Ulead DVD Picture Show 2. It can do music, transitions, text, voice-overs --- and puts out a high quality picture tailored for the TV screen. We are all very pleased with how it all turned out.

    All other things being equal, do your initial scans into the computer at 1800dpi, if you can. If you do this, your corrections will look better when it's time to show the pictures on either the TV or computer.

    Good Luck!
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  4. Ditto on PictureShow 2.Here are a few tips for scanning photos on PC:
    1.min size 1024x768
    2.min 300dpi as .bmp,if you must use .jpg choose 100% quality(0 compression)

    BTW...whether you make a VCD or DVD slideshow the resolution is the same 704x480(576 PAL) and you are limited to 99 shows and 99 photos per show.
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