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  1. I have 2 dvd2one movies ready to burn using another guide with ifoedit altering the VTS info. Does anyone know how to do this with a simple menu (one just stating what the movies are, and how to use your remote to get to the second movie)? Any help would be appreciated.
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    Put all files in 1 folder with 2 title sets (VTS_01_X.XXX & VTS_02_X.XXX) without VIDEO_TS files.
    Run DVDtoolbox and set source = movie folder
    Click Creat Video Manager (VIDEO_TS.IFO)

    Use your remote to select the title as you would a chapter.

    Hope this helps

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  3. Is there anyway to make a still menu with instructions on what to push on your remote to get to the second movie using ifoedit?
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