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  1. I am trying to convert AVI to MPG (VCD), and I want to extract the audio.

    I have VDub-MP3, because my source file is VBR, so when I try to extract the audio, it does it for 2 seconds and then stops, so I end up with a file around 900 kb. This obvisly doesn't work, so I got Goldwave, loaded the AVI, but now I do not know what to chose when I hit Save As>Wav. Under attributes, what do I choose? I read some posts and they said to choose Raw, but I cannot find Raw. Should I go with something else like Microsoft ADPCM or sopmething else???

    I need this urgently, I just rushed to make a SVCD with AVI2WAV, but my audio and video are out of sync, and my source is perfect with no bad frames at all. by the way, I read something about multiplex, what does that do?

    please helpp!!!!
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    Goldwave cannot be any easier, you're making it too difficult. No settings are required. Start Goldwave, load your avi, save as (pick a name and location), done. 8)
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