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  1. When capturing live video via my tv card-ATI8500DV-I can capture in AVI, DV and DVD mode but not mpeg. I get the error message "failed to build an mpeg capture graph or unable to connect to mpeg capture pin".
    I don't know why. Any suggestions.?
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  2. Hi.
    Can you tell more about your setting in Video Studio? But capture directly to Mpeg require fast CPU, and the quality depend on it also. In my case with AMD 1600+, 512MB RAM still not enough, captured movie allways lost some minutes, and quality is not good.
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  3. I have not lost any frames and have had no problems with the capture via my camcorder. In using my TV card I can't capture in mpeg, only DV or AVI.
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  4. I had the same problem and found this through Google (it worked):

    Topic: Preview Graph failure (2 of 2), Read 85 times
    Conf: Ulead VideoStudio
    From: Bud Williamson
    Date: Tuesday, March 11, 2003 04:14 AM

    I posted this March 6:
    One of the suggestions on this board fixed my problem and I wanted to make sure the topic was clear enough for everyone to see.
    Using VideoStudio 6.02 or 7.0 with WinXP.
    The problem was -- trying to capture to MPEG2 caused a failure with the message:

    "Failed to build an MPEG capture graph or unable to connect to MPEG capture pin."

    Following the suggestions, I copied all of the files from
    c:\program files\common files\ulead\MPEG
    to the folder
    (note that the "\windows" folder may be something like "\winnt" on some systems)

    Everything seems to work properly now.
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  5. I had same error with my trial version. I will have to try that. Thanks.
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  6. still not working for me...all i can do is capture to AVI. also running 8500DV, Athlon 2100...
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    I have the same problem with Ulead Video Studio - Always losing frames when I try to capture to MPEG. I have an Athlon 1.2Ghz and 1 gig of ram. Hard drives are 7200rpm.

    What I do is capture it as an avi then bring it into Dazzle DVD Complete to make the DVD with menus, etc. Never lost a frame in DVD Complete.

    I like Ulead for editing my video, adding titles, fades, etc. But for some reason it just can't capture MPEG2 for me.

    Oh Well - I have 2 products that do the job - For me it was worth the investment.
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