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  1. no matter what i do i still get the audio syc problem

    things i did
    1) seprated audio as a wave file from the main avi file
    2) then i found out that it was that VBR problem so i tried goldwave to seprate the audio as this dude who replied my post to use it
    3) then some one replied me telling that check the frames for errors so i did and didnt have any errors
    4) i used this guide on which was a shit one. i got everything except that wave to mp2 conversion using BeSweet

    after doing all this thing i still dont know how to get rid of the audio sync when converting divx4 to vcd

    plze help this sick newbie
    plze help me out

    add me in ur msn messanger if u really wanna help me on
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    if it starts out in sync and then gradually gets more and more out of sync as it's played you can try seperating the video and audio then use a sound editor to squeeze or stretch the audio then multiplex your edited audio back with the video. look for a spot as close to the end of the file as possible to figure out by exactly how much you need to squeeze/stretch it (how many seconds between when someones lips move and the words come out or something similar)
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