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  1. I've made a VCD by using the software Pinnacle Expression. As I edit the movie in the program, a menu is shown that I can choose different takes of the film by just clicking them on the menu. But once the CD is burned, although the menu appears in the screen (using a DVD player in the computer), the clicking option doesn't work, so that there's no advantage of having such a menu in the screen. I have to change takes by using the menu of the software. Is this normal, shouldn't the menu work out as it worked while I was editting the film?

    Another it normal video to be that bad, compared to the original definition (camcorder)?


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  2. I Haven't seen alot of PC DVD Player that can take advantage of the menu of
    a VCD properly or some don't even handle it at all. Anyway, you should try it
    on a real DVD Player and see how that goes first.

    As for Quality, that always depends on how high quality the source is and the
    encoder you are using to create the VideoCD itself.
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    Sefy Levy,
    Certified Computer Technician.
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