I followed the guides in here: http://www.everwicked.com/content/D...de/divx5-08.php

to mux audio/video using OggMux cuz i have Mp3 file. But when i try to specify my audio input, i have problem because i can't choose the language for my audio since i encode a vietnamese dvd. So, i tried to choose whatever language (like french, thai...) but it got a problem when playback. It only plays 1 or 2 second of audio in the begining of the movie and then it stops while the video still playing fine. Any suggestions guys? By the way, I tried to leave the langauge options blank but it still has the same problem. One more thing, can i try to save the output file in .avi instead of .ogg? Cuz when i saved it in .avi, i can't open it using zoomplayer. Thank you very much for your replies and suggestions.