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  1. I'm converting old VHS tapes. They all have mono sound. I capture through my Sony Camcorder which digitalizes them (by default into stereo with one track blank). Then when I encode to mpeg I extract a mono wave file and do a separate mpeg audio encode (in stereo).

    My end result is 224kbps mpeg audio stereo.

    Am I wasting bit space with this high a setting? Does the quality max out at a certain point considering the source material? How low could I go before the sound is noticeably tinny. 128? I notice at 112 it does sound muffled.
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  2. some of that depends on what you are going to be using it for. look to the standards for VCD, SVCD, DVD, divx or whatever you are going to be storing it in. can't think of them offhand.

    AC3 is a good way to go for DVD, from what i hear. I would go with what sounds good to you. I remember reading a capture guide that recommends setting the audio to 32khz if it is vhs mono to cut down on some of the hiss. haven't tried that yet.

    if you notice it's decreased at 112, i would maybe go higher than 128. just an opinion though.

    hope that helps somewhat
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  3. I'm making CVDs (XSVCD - 352 x 480) that are DVD compliant, looking ahead to transfer to DVD when I get a DVD burner and the prices of DVD-R blanks become cheap. So I need to keep the sampling at 48khz to keep the audio DVD compliant.

    My Sampo DVD player will play any type of weird XSVCD that I make so the standards aren't an issue. I'm just trying to figure out a rate for the audio that isn't wasting space (which is always an issue when burning to CD).
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