Hi guys, hope you can help me again. New problem has just emerged for me! It's audio lagging behind slightly and a jerky video.

I capture Analog NTSC tape using Adobe Premiere 6.5 and convert to mpeg2 (for SVCD) using TMPGEnc. The movie is long and so I use TMPGEnc 2.510 to do three batch jobs at the following frame intervals:

1. 17 to 57500
2. 57500 to 107815
3. 107815 to 154372

The TMPGEnc settings are:
>> Source Range - audio gap correct '0' sec
>> Noise Reduction - '20', '1', '10', 'enable filter'
>> Other Settings > Video - '2 pass VBR', 'interlace', motion 'high quality slow'
>> Other Settings > Advance - 'interlace', 'bottom field B', '4:3 525', 'full screen', checked boxes for 'source range', 'noise reduction', 'sharpen edge', 'simple colour correction'
>> Bitrate Setting - average bitrate '2520'

I viewed the mpeg-2 files created on PC as well as encode into SVCD and both produces jerkiness and audio sync problems.

What have I done wrong? Is it because I checked the boxes for 'sharpen' edge', 'simple colour correction', average bitrate of '2520' instead of '2519' or the batch job frame intervals?

I can trial and error but it takes too much time. Each 5 min encoding takes up 30 minutes! I really hope someone can help me asap.

Halley, Singapore