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  1. alright ive been burning a tv show to dvd by well into the 4th season now every episode has been divx no problem extract audio convert boom done well i get to this one episode at almost the end of the season the extension is mpg i dont know what kind of compression it has pictures isnt as good as divx but itll do since its the ONLY copy of this episode i can get anyway the audio starts out in sync and slowly gos off more and more i cant even watch it without going nuts its the only copy of this episode i can get so i have to use gos more out of sync faster in media player then in some generic mpeg player i got....what is the best way to fix this?
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    This is the way I use: Click here.
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  3. i just started watching the end and the end is on sync so does this mean theres like a bad frame somewhere at the beginning or middle that makes it go off sync? but if it doesnt play it it wont go off sync?
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  4. actually i just started scanning back thru the movie like 3/4th the way thru it gos back in sync what the hell is wrong with this thing so for like the first 4min its in sync then out of sync most of the movie then gos back in sync for acouple min near the end then the very end is out of sync again what the hell
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