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  1. Hello !

    I hope this is a stupid (= easy) question. but i'm troubled by the fact that many mpg, mpeg or avi (divx or other...) files have serious
    sound problems. Especially MUSIC video files that i have are so bad,
    that i really can't listen to them. i burned some of them on vcd and
    the same problem occurred. It appears that some people just encode the files badly, but i really can't believe that thousands of people share a music video that is inaudible. Is it possible to fix this problem by trying different codecs or adjusting my sound setup somehow.????

    i have the divxg400 running whenevere i play video files...
    the BAD video files also have much louder volume than the good ones...
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  2. Okay. i found the fault. and i thought i drop a line here also
    incase people have similiar probs in films or music videos.
    i stripped down all the codecs and i replaced ffdshow with
    a little bit similiar x-vid pack wich also had the divXG400 2.6.
    although the sound in old mpeg files was still better before re-installing
    divXG400. I Guess there is no way of defining Mediaplayers to not use
    divxg400 when playing mpeg or mpg video files (?)
    So before deleting 30% of your hardisk check the codecs
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