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  1. I just recently bought an Azden WMS-PRO system for my Sony TRV-315 cam. I was disappointed that the wireless system receiver came with a "Mono" mini jack plug. Anyway, I tried using it and the sound came out inferior compared to the built-in microphone of my D8 cam.
    Is there any way to convert a mono source to stereo?
    I'm planning to buy a BeachTek DXA-4S audio adapter. Will it do the job?

    Any help is very much appreciated.
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  2. With 1 phone jack, you can convert a stereo sound to a mono sound and mono to stereo... But, there will be quality loss...
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    No loss to make mono into stereo. Just use a sound program like SoundForge and convert to stereo. It will copy the mono into both channels. Simulated stereo is one correct term, as it is not true stereo.
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  4. Actually, I have already tried SoundForge to convert mono into "simulated stereo". But I think a "real stereo" still sounds better.
    Now regarding my question in my previous post, do you think a BeachTek audio adapter can do a better job than SoundForge?

    Many thanks.
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