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    I have no problem playing DVD+R (Verbatim) in my Sampo DVE-620.
    DVD+RW won't play however.

    I was wondering if there are any settings I can tweak in Nero to make it work on my stand alone player?

    Or am I just out of luck?

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  2. If you are using the DVD Video settings in Nero, you could try simply using the UDF 1.02 settings. On the left where you pick if you want a data dvd vs video dvd etc, go all the way to the bottom. You will see the UDF mode. You will need to create your own VIDEO_TS folder (and AUDIO_TS if you want to be anal) and then burn it all using this mode. Make sure you select the 1.02 version of UDF in the options.

    Anyway, it is something else to try.
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  3. I too, have the sampo 620, but it doesnt play

    ANY dvdrw discs, no matter what you do...

    Got the 612n, cause they said it played rw's

    And it doesnt either, too bad....
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  4. HI
    I have a sony "DVP-NC615" 5 disk changer. It plays all 4 formats.
    Plus VCD and Mp3 with a nice menu system.
    I've been backing up movies for over a year now and this is the best player I could find. Cost about $150 at Best Buy.

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