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  1. I have 2 AC3 files, and want to make 1 of it.
    How do i put 2 AC3 files to 1 AC3 file ??
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  2. You can create a sync audio track using DVDMaestro.

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  3. I'm using DVD Maestro.
    Let me explain how i worked :

    I have a DVD-rip of Face-Off.
    The movie is on a double-sided DVD-disc.
    So i ripped the MPG-stream of Side 1 to a M2V file.
    The AC3-stream of side 1 i also ripped to 1 AC3 file.
    I also ripped both streams of Side 2, so i have the following files :


    The m2v files are no problem in DVD-Maestro, i put the begin of video2 to the end of problem.

    I can add the audio1.ac3 stream into the audio-track, but audio2 can't be added after the audio1 stream.
    When i try this it says :
    "Track already contains an asset. Replace it ??"

    Or should i convert the AC3 streams to MP2 and then use CoolEdit to make 1 mp2 file ??
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  4. Try Vobmerge.

    I think it can join individual ac3 files as well as vob files.
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  5. DVDMaestro -> Perfect -> This is what you do:

    Take your 2 .m2v's and add them to the movie timeline. Don't drag your .ac3 files but make sure they are part of the assets. Now right click in the audio track 1 area of the movie timeline and select the option for Create Sync Audio Track. DVDMaestro will bring up some options and you can create 1 .ac3 file of multiple .ac3 files.

    After it creates the 1 .ac3 file, import it to your assets and drag that onto the movie timeline for audio track 1.

    For the chapters, if you have a .chp file you can import it for only 1 of the video streams. For the other half of the movie, you will have to manually enter the chapters

    This works like a charm for putting flippers onto 1 DVD-R.

    Good Luck.

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  6. Thanx dpcpro

    It worked with Maestro doin' it your way.
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  7. No problem, that's what we're here for.

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