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  1. heard about 5.1 tryed it and sounded excellent

    now i rip dvds and was wondering if i could get 5.1 effects in svcd

    i used dvd2svcd for ripping and converting to svcd, in that program in the audio tab there is a thing which says mpeg 5.1 . can anyone plze explain me this
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  2. Try to use the forum search...
    The answer to your question has been discussed many times before...
    Think of the forum as a huge knowledge database, just search it and you'll find.
    I wanna be bigger, stronger, drive a faster car...
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  3. yes, the question has been discussed many times before...
    you can use my pretty software to transcode AC3 files
    in MPG multichannel, then multiplex it with your Video Mpeg Stream.

    more informations can be found here:
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