I was going to edit the sound track in a Karaoke VCD. Using VCDGear 3.5 to convert the *.dat to *.mpeg, then TMPEnc 2.59 to Demux the mpeg file, I eventually got the *.m1v and *.mpa files. The mpa is the audio file. However, Steinberg WaveLab 3.0 won’t touch it. Cool Edit 2000 did load it up. But the waveform was only a straight line on the screen and there was only noise when I played the loaded file. Renaming the file to mp2 or reloading after saving with a header didn't make any difference.
The same audio file played beautifully with Window Media player 7.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as to how to edit this mpa file and then Mux it back to a mpeg file to be burned as a Karaoke VCD. Thank you.