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Far too goddamn old now

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2nd Jan 2003
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4th May 2017 15:25
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About EddyH
I remember when this was all fields. 50 or 59.94 of them per second. Ah, halcyon days.
Soul sucking suburbia! But a different part since I last logged on.
Surviving working life when i'm clearly not cut out for it. Music; Video; Car; Beer; Pals; 'puter; '
General AV dogsbody. **NB most of these details are now 7+ years out of date!!**
Computer Details
Win XP Tablet
Pentium-4 Mobile 800/1733
40gb internal (NEED MORE!), various external USB2s
512mb DDR533, to be upgraded!!
Intel 915 thingamyjig. Does 3D, VGA, Svid.. s'OK..
Awful generic thing cheap with PC! (But it works!)
SM Electronic 2500 (6-spkr out, component, etc)
That same Lite-On...
External LiteOn multispeed/multistandard DL
Custom (HP TC4200 Convertible Tablet-top)
Nasty soundcard, 1mbit broadband, Wi-Fi, 20gb clone-pod, Bluetooth, SVid out, oh and TABLET MODE! :) (+lightweight, cool, quiet and long battery life)

^ can't be arsed changing all this right now. Just marvel at what we used to try and do this stuff with back in 2010 (or '06... '03....)


-= She sez there's ants in the carpet, dirty little monsters! =-
Back after a long time away, mainly because I now need to start making up vidcapped DVDRs for work and I haven't a clue where to start any more!



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4th May 2017 15:25
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2nd Jan 2003