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  1. I'm a MEGA Super Moderator Baldrick's Avatar
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    If your video is upsidedown when you play it or after you have converted it or burned it.

    1. Be sure to uninstall any codec packs you have installed like Nimo codec pack or others. And only install the codecs you need and be sure to get the latest codecs also. Use avicodec to identify the video so you know what codecs to download.

    2. If the first step didn't help try install latest ffdshow, it is a great DivX/XviD codec filter. Try play the video and if it is still up side down go to the Start Menu->ffdshow->Configuration. Select under Miscellaneous in the menu to the left and select Flip video. Hit OK and try play the video.
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  2. Member Laddydaddy's Avatar
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    Just for the record, I had no problems until I installed ffdshow. After that all my videos played upside down. I wanted to use it to help solve some xvid problems. After I uninstalled it everything was fine again.
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  3. I'm a MEGA Super Moderator Baldrick's Avatar
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    3. Uninstall ffdshow if you have it installed.

    but I have had no problem with ffdshow...just be sure to use the latest from doom9.
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  4. I just read this post and I have a similiar problem. I cap a lot if cartoons, and I convert them to divx, so i can store quite a few on a dvd+rw. I alos like to keep them on my HD in real player format. Unfortunately, whenever I load my sourse divx into Real Producer, it appears upside down, and encodes upside down. I have never used any of those silly codec packs, and I have the most current versisons of FFdshow, and divx.
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  5. If all of the above fail, try the 100% reliable newbie method of tipping your monitor upside down which corrects the problem every time.

    (just trying to lighten up everyones day a little)
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  6. those "silly codecs packs" could be the prob, i have dl all to make sure and never have a prob encoding
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  7. Someone help me plsssssssssssss

    Ive done the above but cant get TMPgenc to encode to vcd a xvid file with sound ,,,,,,,,,, i get video only , and when i try and put the xvid file into the audio section ,TMPgenc says not supported format

    help pls im going mad , ive burned about 20 cdr,s now , and im on the verge of giving it all up

    email is also MSN messanger

    thx paul
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  8. ah well , after reading all the faqs still no joy on my XIVD to VCD ,,,,, no answer to my emails asking for help either ,

    So after struggling through i finally did it

    tools required

    1 nero
    2.AC3 codec
    3 FFdshow ( used to flip video , but return to normal for avi files )
    4.XPpro codecs from ACE

    and a perfect vcd evertime

    cheers Paul
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  9. Ive got similar problem-got 2 pcs both with nimo codec packs installed-play xmen 200 divx on pc downstairs no probs-but when played on pc upstairs over wireless network picture is stretched to full screen and is upside down.Was working ok b4-think kids have instaleed something that is causing this problem.Uninstalling quicktime helped with another divx film i had probs with but still got prob with xmen
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  10. Member
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    And to think... all this time I've just been flipping my tv upside down.

    FYI: I'm not being serious.
    I'm not online anymore. Ask BALDRICK, LORDSMURF or SATSTORM for help. PM's are ignored.
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  11. ive worked out how to flip and rotate in the filter option to resolve the xvid looking back to front and upside down when burnt using Nero!
    my problem is that when I come to save my split xvid it say's that I have to use full processing mode to be able to use the filter???
    (ive tried this before and the file ends up to be around 29gig when it was 350 meg arrrr!!! )
    but even when I tried full processing mode to split the xvid it eroded half way though.

    im use to splitting the file and saving it in direct stream mode which works on divx then burning it
    with Nero userly getting great results to!

    I forgot to mention that I use vdub mp3 freeze which works perfectly when splitting the xvid file in regards to audio-video sync. and the file plays great on the pc just cant get Nero to put it to vcd Correctly

    please don't hesitate to contact me if you need more info to help me
    with thank in advance

    lions and tigers and bears oh my!!
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  12. Member
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    Hi there,

    As a newbie I tried the "tipping the monitor upside down" solution suggested by deggsymann above which worked great!! Thanks!. However unfortunately when I open Outlook all my emails are upside down. Furthermore browsing the web has become a bit tricky since that all seems to be upside down too.

    My first question is do you think the two issues could be related, and second, how do I solve this?


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  13. hi there
    the xvid file plays fine on the pc its when i burn it to vcd with nero
    its upside down AND back to front pls help
    lions and tigers and bears oh my!!
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  14. Member
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    sometimes these things can happen if yuo have both ffdshow and the xvid codec installed on your computer
    i got that problem once then i removed ffdshow and keept the xvid codec and no more problem.
    if you want to burn your divx films on to a cd burn it as data no need to make it to vcd (unless you want to see the films on your stand alone dvd player) just use the burner in windows (xp) i have used it a lot of time and i have never got any problems in burning or in seeing the films on my pc
    go for it
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  15. OK, all those suggestions were nice, however, they were all for Xvid and AVI........

    My problem is with MPEG2 SVCD!!!!

    I have two desktops and one laptop. My SVCDs play fine on both desktops, but on the laptop, they are always upside down. So I did what was reccomended to do.

    1. I un-installed all codec packs
    2. Re-installed just the codec I needed, I tried with Nimo.5.0 build 7 and 8

    that didn't work, so.............

    1. I un-installed Nimo again
    2. Installed the elecard mpeg2 decoder

    that didn't work, so............

    now I am totally lost and have no idea what to do!!

    Any help with this would be appreciated!

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  16. hehe morrison, thats funny

    1st of all, dont encode using nero, its naff at that, thats the easy way to do it but with stupid results

    here is my guide

    and the decompressor (read the doc)

    very similar to sefys guide thats where i started

    let me know if it helps
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  17. Member
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    If you want to be anal about it, you not only have to
    filp the TV/monitor upside down, you have to watch
    it in a mirror to flip it left/right
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  18. Ok, then I have a question. If I use Nero 5.5 to make a VCD/SVCD it will flip the video, where Roxio won't. Why is that? I like Nero a little better because it doesn't crash as much Roxio does when I use it to encode a video for my VCD/SVCD.
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  19. because nero is naff at encoding, best use tmpgenc etc
    only use nero to burn and get mp3's nothing else really
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  20. Member
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    hi i`m a total newbie at this, i'm trying to burn a movie to disc but when i do it plays on my standalone dvd player upside down. I downloaded an xvid codec so i could view them and looking at previous posts it may be this that has caused it. any ideas on other codecs i could use to avoid this problem. Also are there any other pakages that are good at converting movies to vcd as nero is a bit slow.

    cheers for any help that is offered
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  21. erm....did you just not read my previous post, dont use nero its naff, use tmpgenc instead, read the guides to the left, contains loads usefull info on what to do, it will take time for you to learn the best way, but persivere
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  22. Greetings Supreme2k's Avatar
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    Originally Posted by lion2nite
    hi there
    the xvid file plays fine on the pc its when i burn it to vcd with nero
    its upside down AND back to front pls help
    I've had that problem too (intermittently, though). This is even after encoding with TMPEGEnc first. My solution was to use Ulead MF2. The movies burnt and played flawlessly.

    I like Nero most of the time, but for cool menus, chapters and such, authoring programs are the best. Granted, I haven't tried Nero 6 yet
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  23. Well actually I had this avi film which ran without problems on my PC. I used TMPGEnc, as usually to convert the avi into mpg. Then I used Nero, again as usual, to burn as VCD so I could watch the video on a DVD player.

    Unfortunately, I deleted my avi files from my PC, only to discover that my VCD picture was upside down! (I don't know what really happened because I burnt hundreds of CDs this way and I never had any problem).

    I partially solved the problem because I can actually watch my VCD with the picture inverted, but on my PC. This was done by downloading DivXG400 where I flipped the VCD.

    However, I am asking help here. I actually want to flip the mpg file from the VCD and burn again so I can actually watch the VCD on the DVD player and not on PC. I tried to search for a solution in many sites and forums but this is a problem which really baffled me! ANy help please.

    Private help is more than welcome:
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  25. is it bad to have those codec pack ? i.e. nimo codec

    i always thought it as a good thing to have all those codec....the more the better right ?
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  26. Member
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    I don't use codec packs only the codecs I need. I usually convert avi's (TMPGEnc) to mpeg1 to burn as a VCD.
    This is the first time I've ever encountered this problem.
    The file in question's format is DIVXMPEG4 V3.
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  27. Member
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    I tried everything, but nothing worked.............

    until I realized that someone turned my monitor upside down.

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  28. Member
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    Wonder if the problem exists if you were to go to Australia..
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  29. flip the monitor or tv upside down that will fic the problem lol

    Just Jk...
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  30. I have a little bit different problem that is really frustrating. My video was playing fine but then after I installed vobsub whenever I play xvid files in WMP with subtitles the video is upside down (but the subtitles play fine). If I remove the subtitles (.idx & .sub files) the video goes back to normal??? And if I play a file with no subs it is fine

    Any help / assistance would be appreciated.

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