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  1. i did a quick search on the topic but couldn't really find any practical solutions that have been discussed before, so...

    i have a ps2 hooked up to an ati tv wonder ve via the AV cables (red/white/yellow). whenever i want to watch color dvds on my pc, macrovision becomes active and i get pink stripes across my screen. the movies are watchable, but the pink stripes are annoying.

    without having to buy seperate hardware, is there any easy solution to bypassing macrovision? i've read that using RF instead of AV works, but when i try that i get a pretty bad picture, and macrovision becomes the lesser of two evils. another tv emulator perhaps?

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    If it is in fact macrovision causing the problem, try here: the "BrookTree8x8 Tuner" listing indicates it works with a ATI TV Wonder VE. Maybe someone else can point you to another method.
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  3. ok i will have to try that.
    thank you very much.
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